Saddique Aslam, Asghar Kamal, Muhammad Sajid, Akhtar Muneer, Muhammad Farooq.
Role of Steroids in Reduction of Morbidity Following Mandibular Wisdom Tooth Surgery.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;6(4):951-4.

Aim: To evaluate the preoperative therapeutic effect of oral (10mg prednisolone that is 2 tablets of deltacotril) on post operative complications like edema, limited mouth opening and pain following wisdom tooth surgery. Study design: This was a randomized control trial study. Setting: was conducted at the private clinic of the author and dental section of DHQ Hospital Kohat, Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa, Pakistan. Study period: from January 2011 to august 2011. Material & methods Eighty patients with bilateral mandibular wisdom teeth impaction were included in this study. One side of the patient last mandibular molar either right or left, was allocated randomly as control and the other side as study group. Study group received 10mg prednisolone that is 2 tablets of deltacotril one hour before surgical extraction. Patients with contraindication to the use of steroids were excluded from this study. Facial edema and maximal inter incisal distance were measured by an independent examiner at baseline (preoperatively), and at 3rd, and 6th postoperative days. Pain was measured by counting the number of rescue analgesic tablets taken, and from the patients’ response to a visual analogue scale. Results: The steroid group showed significant reduction in edema (p=0.6862) and pain (p=0.1587) compared with the control group at all intervals. 10mg prednisolone that is 2 tablets of deltacotril resulted in significantly less limited mouth opening than controls on day3 postoperatively (p=0.2544)), but there was no significant difference among the groups afterwards. Conclusion: Steroid 10mg prednisolone that is 2 tablets of deltacotril is effective in reducing edema, limited mouth opening and pain after extraction of impacted mandibular wisdom teeth.

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