Muhammad Younis, Mazhar Iqbal, Tahir Nazir.
Efficacy of Bolus Administration of Ephedrine and Phnylephrine for Maintenance of Blood Pressure during Spinal Anesthesia.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;6(4):945-8.

Aim: To find out the efficacy of bolus administration of ephedrine and phenylephrine for maintenance of systolic blood pressure during spinal anesthesia in patients undergoing elective caesarean section. Spinal anesthesia is a popular technique used for caesarean section associated with hypotension in a significant number of patients which are managed by colloids, vasopressor, light ephedrine and phenylephrine. To assess the efficacy of phenylephrine and ephedrine, a randomized controlled study was carried out on 200 patients [100] in each group. Over 6 months’ i.e. from September 2001 to March 2012, undergoing caesarean section. When hypotension occurred group received ephedrine 5mg and group two received phenylephrine 100µgm. Systolic blood pressure was recorded at 2, 4 and 6 minutes interval. 6 minutes recording was taken as final. Chi. Square test was applied for comparison of two groups for efficacy in term of maintenance of systolic blood pressure p-value ≤ 0.05 was considered as significant. Efficacy was found in group-I in 46 patients [46%] and in group –II in 77 patients [77%]. Results were statistically significant (P<0.001). It is concluded that phenylephrine is more effective in maintenance of systolic blood pressure with reduction in heart rate, especially useful in cardiac patients in whom tachycardia is undesirable.

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