Rafi Iqbal Farkhad, Javeria Noreen, Sumaira Ashraf.
Keloid Still a Challenge?.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;6(4):921-3.

This is a prospective of study management and outcome of Keloid scar over a period of 24 months. Number of patients treated were 44 with minimum of 9 months follow up. Age group 7 to 50 years with mean of 28.5 years, female to male ratio 26:18 was observed.16 patients had history of burn mostly flame burn then scald or hot liquid and one was post acid burn,13 were post infective, 7 were post traumatic and 8 patients etiology was unknown. Treatment options include interalesional steroid, surgical excision and injection steroid and injection steroid with silicone gel and sheets application. Outcome based on reduction in size, decrease or no symptoms and signs and cosmesis of Keloid scar. Most of cases were treated with interalesional steroid alone, others with interalesional steroid with application of silicone, and only three cases were treated with surgical excision and injection of steroid. Performa was made for collection of data including Age, sex, etiological factor, body area involved, treatment option, follow up and out come. In all the patients’ treatment option we applied injection steroid and with silicone gel application result were better, but number of patients who can afford silicone gel were less9. Thirty two patients who were treated with injection steroid only showed satisfactory result with cost effectiveness. Surgical excision with injection steroid was only 3 patients and proved not a satisfactory result.

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