Sikandar Hayat Gondal, Inayat Husain Anjum, Rai Ahmad Khan Kharal, Babar Usman, Sarah Saleem.
Sutureless Sublay Mesh Hernioplasty in Incisional Hernia Repair, A new gold standard in Herniology.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;6(4):915-7.

A prospective study of 48( 100%) cases of incisional hernia repair , including 28 females (58.4%) and 20 males (41.6%), was carried out at surgical Unit-III of Lahore General Hospital, Lahore ,from Dec.2007 to Nov. 2009. Mean ages for male and female patients were 36.85±7.03 and 38.5±6.62 years respectivelty. 13(65%) of the male patients were smokers. Among all, 7(14.5%) were morbid obese and 5(10.4%) were diabetic. Mean hospital stay remained 2.25±0.80 days. Hematoma formation was noted in 4(8.3%) cases, while wound infection was seen in 3(6.25%) patients. whereas complications like sinus formation and mesh rejection or recurrence were not observed during one year follow up. It is concluded that sutreless sublay technique in incisional hernioplasty is acceptable when it is compared to national and international study in similar setups.

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