Ahmad Hassan, Zeeshan Ghous, Fahar Adnan, Shahzad Shoukat, Adeel Arif.
ST Elevation - is it always Infarction?.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;6(4):892-7.

Background: Acute ST elevation MI is a life threatening emergency, recognized on Electrocardiogram as ST Elevation requiring urgent management in the form of reperfusion therapy. But there are causes of ST elevation other than MI needed to be remembered to deliver reperfusion therapy to only to true ischemic events. Aim: To look for the pseudo-infarction patterns leading to undue delivery of thrombolytic therapy. Methods: All patients suspected of ST elevation MI given thrombolytic therapy were retrospectively analyzed for true ischemic events and the resultant ST Elevation not indicative of acute coronary event. Results: There are few causes of pseudo ST Elevation that has to be looked for before giving thrombolytic therapy in suspected ST elevation MI. Conclusion: Every ST Elevation is not infarction so a careful approach is required to rule in and rule out infarction.

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