Bakht Aziz, Shahbaz Mujtaba Ghori, Abid Rashid, Azhar Hameed.
Frequency of Improvement of Proptosis for an Underlying Fronto-Ethmoidal Disease after Lynch Procedure.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;6(4):882-4.

Objective: To determine the frequency of improvement in proptosis after Lynch procedure in patients with fronto-ethmoidal lesions. Material and methods: It was a descriptive case series study. The study was carried out in the department of ENT unit-?, Mayo Hospital affiliated with the King Edward Medical University, Lahore. The duration of the study was for Six months (4th MARCH, 2010 to 3rd September, 2010). A Sample size of 70 cases was calculated with 95% confidence level, 11% margin of error and taking expected percentage of improvement (cured) cases of proptosis to be 71%. Results: In this study 70 patients, with fronto-ethmoidal disease and associated proptosis were included. There proptosis was measured using exophthalmometer. Both pre-operative and post-operative proptosis was measured. And the results showed the mean age of the patients was 38.14±8.64 years with age range of 32(25-57) years. There were 50 males and 20 females in this study. So, the male to female ratio in this study was 2.5:1. The mean preoperative proptosis was 24±2.76 mm with range of 9(19-28)mm. The mean post-operative proptosis was 19.54±2.06 mm with range of 6(18-24)mm. After surgical procedure of Lynch, in 42(60%) patients the proptosis was corrected and in 28 (40%) of the patients the problem persist with mean proptosis of 21.85±1.2mm.

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