Khalid Usman, Ehsan Ullah, Sadiq Hussain, Sadaf Shafiq.
Benign Breast Diseases - an experience at Victoria Hospital Bahawalpur.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;6(4):877-9.

Background: Up to 30% of women suffer from benign breast diseases and require treatment at some time in their lives. Benign breast diseases are 5 to 10 times more common than breast cancer. Method: The present study was carried out in Pathology Department of College and Bahawal Victoria Hospital during the period April 2010 to September 2012. A total of 481 patients biopsies had breast diseases, among these 380 patients had benign breast disease which were included in this study. Results: Among all the benign breast diseases (BBD), right sided breast involvement was more common constituting 181(47.63%) cases while left breast involvement was less common constituting 151(39.73%) of the patient s. bilateral involvement was seen in only 48(12.63%) of patients. The pattern of benign breast disease, fibroadenoma was the most common lesion constituting 160(42.1%) cases. Fibroadenosis was more commonly seen in age group of 21-30 years constituting 51(50.4%) cases. Breast abscess was more commonly seen in age group of 21-30years constituting 22(62.8%) cases. Mastitis was more commonly seen in age group of 21-30 years constituting 11(68.75%) cases followed by 31-40 years constituting 5(31.25%). Conclusions: The benign to malignant breast diseases ratio was calculated as 4:1. BBD are common problems in females of reproductive age. The common problems for which women consult or are referred to breast clinic are palpable lump, breast pain and nipple discharge. Fibroadenoma is the commonest of all benign breast disease in our set up mostly seen in 2nd and 3rd decade of life. Fibrocystic disease of the breast is the next common BBD whose incidence increases with age.

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