Saeed Ahmad, Muhammad Farooq, Zahid Mahmood Akhtar, Abdul Latif8, Atiya Mubarak.
Morphological Changes in Liver of Albino Rats Associated with Olive Oil Diet: An Experimental Study.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;6(4):866-8.

Aim: To see the possible effects of Olive oil on liver morphology. Methods: Fifty albino rats of eight weeks age were selected and divided into five groups of ten animals each with equal number of males and females. Group A, normal control, was fed on synthetic diet, group B was on low Olive oil diet only and group C was on low Olive Oil + hypercholesterolemic diet. Group D was on high Olive oil diet only and group E was on hypercholesterolemic diet for the next 24 weeks. Histological examination was done on H&E, reticulin, trichrome and oil red O stains. Liver revealed increased Portal triad changes and lobular changes in groups E. These findings were statistically significant when compared with group A. While Bile duct proliferation ,portal triad inflammation were mild in group C and D. Regarding lobular changes, groups C, D and E showed lobular steatosis while lobular fibrosis is seen in group E only. Conclusion: It is concluded that Olive oil proved to be beneficial diet. It causes reduced hepatic injury in low and high concentration. Diet with high cholesterol causes marked morphological changes in liver.

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