Atif Mahmood.
To Assess the Impact of Inspiratory Pressure Levels in Non Invasive Ventilation in COPD.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;6(4):854-5.

Aim: To compare the use of low intensity non-invasive positive pressure ventilation (LI-NPPV) with High intensity non- invasive positive pressure ventilation (HI-NPPV), during night and compared their effect on night sleep and physiological parameters such as blood gases and lung functions. Methods: Pressure limited NPPV in assist control mode together with supplemented oxygen was used in all patients. Results: Twenty patients were studied and it showed patients well tolerate d. HI-NPPV and also improved important physiological parameters such as Arteral blood gases and lung functions. Conclusion: In patients with COPD high respiratory pressures used with HI-NPPV produce acceptable sleep quality that is no worse than that produced by low inspiratory pressures which are more traditionally applied in conjunction with LI-NPPV. In addition higher pressures are more successful in maintaining sufficient alveolar ventilation compared with low pressures, it is also capable of improving arterial blood gases and lung functions. Thus HI-NPPV is very promising and should be used instead of LI-NPPV.

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