Nadia Khurshid, Farhan Sadiq, Arjumand Iftikhar.
Consecutive 300 Diagnostic Laparoscopies at Arif Memorial Teaching Hospital, Lahore.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;6(4):850-3.

Objective: To evaluate the etiological factors of primary and secondary infertility through laparoscopy. Design: Case series. Material and Methods: 300 diagnostic laparoscopies during a period of 18 months were done primarily to evaluate the infertile patients between Feb 2011- Aug 2012 at Arif Memorial Teaching Hospital Lahore. Results: Of 300 infertile women who underwent laparoscopy, 189 had (63%) primary infertility. While 111 (37%) had secondary infertility .86 (45.5%) patients with primary and 26 (23.42%) patients with secondary infertility had no visible abnormality.The common finding was tubal blockage in 5 (2.64%) and 15 (13.51%) cases of primary and secondary infertility respectively.34(17.99%) cases of primary infertility were detected as polycystic ovaries which was found in 5(4.50%) cases of secondary infertility. Endometriosis was found in 9 (4.76%) cases of primary infertility and none with secondary infertility. Pelvic inflammatory disease was found in 11 (5.8%) and 19 (17.12%) cases of primary and secondary infertility respectively. Multiple factors including adhesions were detected in 28 (14.81%) cases with primary infertility and 40 (36.03%) cases with secondary infertility. Fibroid was found in 10 (5.29%) and 4 (3.60%) cases of primary and secondary infertility respectively. The ratio of positive findings in secondary infertility was significant in comparison with positive findings in primary infertility. Conclusion: The ovulatory disorders were common in primary infertility, while secondary infertility had multiple factors involved. And the data obtained strongly recommends laparoscopy as an integral part of the infertility investigations.

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