Khurram Saleem, Ayub Latif Khawaja, Kamran Khalid Butt, Ahmad Awais, Shamshad Rasool Awaan.
Prognostic Value and Frequency of QT Interval and QT Dispersion in Patients with Cardiometabolic Syndrome (Obese, Hypertensive and Diabetic Patients).
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;6(4):839-42.

Objective: To examine the effect of the three primary criterions of cardiometabolic syndrome namely; obesity, hypertension and diabetes on QTc interval and QTc dispersion. Study design: Cross-sectional study. Settings: Departments of Medicine, Mayo Hospital & Sharif Medical & Dental College Lahore. Duration: 3 months from March 2011 to April 2011. Subjects: A total of 75 unselected patients of cardiometabolic syndrome with obesity, diabetes and were selected hypertension for this study. Results: A relevant association between prolonged QTc and age (P=0.85), duration of diabetes (P=0.372), duration of hypertension (P=0.213) and BMI (P=0.273) was observed. Out of total 75 patients, 28 males and 47 females with mean duration of diabetes 8.68yrs and 7.42 years, with hypertension of around 3.14years and 4.67 years. It was seen that in class II obesity (BMI >40) QTc interval was increased in a proportionate manner of 495ms. Conclusion: QTc may be an independent marker for cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and total morbidity and mortality in patients with cardiometabolic syndrome.

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