Saqib Javaid Ahmad, Mian Waheed Ahmad.
Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Association with Maternal Diabetes.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;6(4):821-2.

Objective: To seek relationship of ultrasonic fatty liver appearance with the maternal history of diabetes. Study design: Convenience sampling. Settings: This study was conducted in Radiology Department of Shalamar Hospital in collaboration with Jinnah Hospital, Lahore which is a tertiary care hospital. Duration of study: It was completed in three months from 20th August to 20th November 2008. Subjects and methods: First 100 consecutive patients in each hospital with ultrasonic finding of fatty liver were evaluated for its cause, excluding history of alcohol intake, particularly for maternal history of diabetes. Results: Out of 200 patients, 70% of the fatty liver patients have positive maternal history of diabetes at some stage of their lives. Among that 70%, 85% mothers were suffering Type II diabetes and 10% were gestational diabetes and 5% were having Type I diabetes. The remaining 30% having other causes including high fat intake, easy life style etc. Conclusion: Fatty liver appearance is strongly related with maternal history of diabetes particularly Type II.

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