Fazal Manan, Sajjad Muhammad Khan, Ehsan Gul Khattak, Waqar Alam Jan, Ameer Naseer.
Chemical and surgical sphincterotomy in acute anal fissure.
J Med Sci Jan ;21(2):62-5.

Objective: To compare the outcome and complications of lateral internal sphincterotomy and GTN cream in the treatment of acute anal fissure. Material and Methods: The study included all patients presenting to and admitted in Surgical B Unit, Lady Reading Hospital with acute anal fissure. Name, age, sex, other relevant data, history and examination findings and results of investigation were recorded. Patients with chronic anal fissure were excluded from study. Patients were divided in group A (receiving surgical treatment) and group B (receiving topical treatment) with 15 patients in each group. Healing rates and complication rates were recorded. Results: Total of 30 patients were treated during one year. Patients in group A showed slightly higher healing rates and higher complication rate than patients in group B. Conclusion: Glyceryl Trinitrate is quite effective in healing anal fissure but lower in healing than the lateral sphincterotomy.

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