Shamim Hashim Khan, Abdul Razaq, Shahzad Khan.
Role of prophylactic antibiotics in transurethral resection of prostate.
Pak J Med Res Jan ;40(4):117-21.

Methods: Prospective study in 200 patients with sterile, pre-operative urine, undergoing, TURP. 100 patients randomized to control group (no antibiotic prophylaxis) while 100 of the treated group were given three doses of Cefotaxime sodium (Claforan) 1 gm and gentamicin 80 mg IN catheter was removed after 48 hours. Patients were assessed for the signs and symptoms of bacteriuria and UTI. Urine sample was sent for C/S after removal of catheter. Results: 13% had shown sings & symptoms of UTI in the control group (no antibiotic) in comparison to 2% (2 of 100) in the treated group (antibiotics given). Conclusion: We recommend antibiotic prophylaxis routinely in TURP. It reduces the infection rate significantly, hence reduces the hospital stay and is cost effective.

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