Muhammad Asghar Khan, Hameed Khan, Muhammad Imran Khan, Abdullah Khan, Mohammad Naeem, Sajjad Muhammad Khan, Waqar Alam Jan.
Short term outcome of rubber band ligation versus open hemorrhoidectomy in terms of postoperative complications.
J Med Sci Jul ;21(1):19-22.

Objectives: To compare the outcome of Rubber band ligation with open hemorrhoidectomy in short term and its suitability in our social set up. Material and Methods: One hundred and twenty patients were enrolled from November 2007 to May 2009. They were equally divided into group A (open hemorrhoidectomy) and group B (Rubber band ligation). Postoperative complications, recurrence and patient’s satisfaction rate were recorded. Results: Pain was the most common complaint. About 91.7% of patients in Group A while 15% in Group B complained of pain which was significant (p-value = 0.001). Immediate post-operative bleeding was 18.3% in group A and 6.7% in group B. Transient flatus incontinence (5%) was recorded in group A, no incontinence in group B. Anal stenosis was 0.3% in group A while no anal stenosis was recorded in B. recurrence rate was significantly higher in group B (13.3% p-value = 0.048). Rate of satisfaction was higher in group A (93.3% versus 86.7%), but statistically it was not significant. Conclusion: Rubber band ligation is safe, effective method to treat the 2nd and 3rd degree hemorrhoids with less satisfaction than open hemorrhoidectomy which is statistically insignificant.

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