Tariq Mahmood Mufti.
Right versus left nasal intubation: comparative study of complications.
Pak J Med Res Jan ;40(4):122-4.

A case control single blind comparetive study was done to see the perioperative complications of right versus left nasal intubation. sixty cases were included who underwent tonsillectomy. Nasal intubation was done to see whether the nostril side used influenced peri-operative nasal complications, especially bleeding. There is no significant difference found in the difficulty of intubation (p > 0.332). through either of the nostril, in the apparently normal nose. Although the overall incidence of bleeding from the nose, on intubation was 75% but there was no significant difference in the incidence of bleeding at intubation (p>0.765), through either of the nostril and a similar non significant difference in the incidence of bleeding at extubation (p> 0.738) was found. Once the patient has returned to recovery there was no significant bleeding. (p>0.640). Postoperative nostril patency also remained similar between the two groups (p>0.588)

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