Farah Asad Mansuri, Baig L A, Layeeq Ahmad, Abu Noem Farooqui.
Evaluation of academic performance by Dental Graduates of Karachi Medical and Dental College: In lieu of their selection criteria for professional education.
Ann Abbasi Shaheed Hosp Karachi Med Dent Coll Jan ;7:294-7.

Background: Creditable selection of candidates in the professional colleges is of crucial importance in producing capable and talented doctors to deliver good service to the people. KMDC selects its candidates on the bases of an admission test conducted by Institute of Business Administration (I BA) with weightage given to Intermediate (HSC) & Matric (SSC). Evidence shows that academic achievements of professional graduates can not be predicted on the basis of their preprofessional records hence it has been suggested that innovative methods should be evolved for selecting the most suitable professionals. Aims: The purpose of this study is to look at the ability of the pre-professional records and the admission test to predict the academic performance of dental graduates. Methods: Results of professional exams of first four dental batches (n=80) of Karachi Medical and Dental College were retrieved and their academic records in Higher secondary, Secondary school and IBA test were also taken. Results: The descriptive statistics show that average score of first BDS batch for IBA is 59.0 while for batch 4th it is 71.04. Whereas the average professional marks of batch 1 is 356.9 to that of 346.81 of batch 4. There is negative correlation between IBA and final prof results with R=-.048 (P< .510), -.340 (P<.152), .163 (P<.079) and -.198 (P<.033) respectively for each batch. There is no significant difference in final professional marks between the four batches with F=1.991 (P<.193) for higher IBA scores. Conclusion: It was concluded that there is no significant positive correlation between IBA Test score and the final professional results in all four batches of dental graduates of Karachi Medical and Dental College. The IBA score was improved in the subsequent batches without influencing the professional scores.

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