Nidal T Al-ibrahim.
Endometriosis presenting as inguinal mass attached to the extra pelvic part of round ligament.
Pak J Med Res Jan ;52(2):53-5.

Endometriosis attached to extra pelvic part of the round ligament is rare. Preoperative diagnosis is difficult but history and presentation may guide to diagnosis which is confirmed on histology. A woman aged 29 years presented with painful right inguinal mass whose intensity of pain and size changed with menstrual cycle. Physical examination revealed right inguinal hard, fixed mass measuring 2×2 cm. Ultrasound, computed tomography, and fine needle aspiration cytology were normal therefore, excision of the mass was done along with histology which, confirmed endometriosis; simultaneous laparoscopy was performed which showed peritoneal endometriosis too.

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