Nasim Karim, Sajid Abbas Jaffri, Zubair Ahmed Tirmizi.
Prescribing Patterns in Hospital Inpatients.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;2(2):13-6.

Abstract: Objective: To evaluate the prescribing patterns by an audit of prescriptions in hospital inpatients. Materials and methods: After a written informed consent from the medical ward incharge & hospital administrator 32 case notes of adult patients discharged from a private hospital in Malir were collected from 1st to 30th April 2012. Patients demographics, disease & prescription details (number, type, dose, route, frequency, duration of drug use, tendency of polypharmacy, cost of drugs & discharge notes) were entered in a specially designed performa. Results: Mean age of patients was 27.18years with 14 males & 18 females. They were diagnosed to have enteric fever (10), gastroenteritis (5), RTI (4) & others (13). Average hospital stay period was 2.5 days. Total number of drugs used were 120, of which only 5 (4.17%) were prescribed by generic name. 25.83% drugs were from National Essential drug List of Pakistan (NEDLP). Mean number of drugs per patient was 9.35. Antibiotics & analgesics each was given to 29 (90.63%) patients. Anti -ulcer drugs were given to 27(84.38%) & nebulization to 11 (34.38 %) patients without need. Average cost of drugs per patient was 1200 rupees. None of the prescription was complete for the above mentioned parameters. Conclusion: Audit of prescribing patterns in hospital inpatients of a private setup showed irrational use of drugs.

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