Rabia Arshad, Tahira Zamir, Nasim Karim.
Placental gross morphology in gestational diabetes mellitus.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;3(2):75-80.

Abstract: Objective: To examine the placental gross morphological features in patients having gestational diabetes mellitus. Materials and Methods: One hundred patients were enrolled following written informed consent. At term the placentae were collected, preserved in formalin. Examination was done for size, shape, consistency, color, membrane completeness, detailed cord examination and for any gross pathology on cut section. The mean was taken out for numerical parameters and percentages were calculated for categorical data using SPSS version16. Results: Mean placental size was 15.98±2.75 cm and 13.58±2.54 cm. The mean placental width was 2.4±0.67 cm, mean weight of placentae was 630±137.4gm. Out of 100, 73 placentae were disc shaped,66 were soft, 85 had complete membrane covering ,59 were pale in color, 66 had central cord insertion and 30 had blue discoloration of the cord.23 had brown lesions, 29 had white lesions and 17 had both types of lesions whereas remaining 35 had no gross lesion. Conclusion :Examination of the placental gross morphology in patients having gestational diabetes mellitus revealed features which necessitates that placenta should be examined in the labor rooms after delivery in GDM patients as it provides important information regarding prenatal life of the new born.

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