Shama Asghar, Farheen Fatima.
Dens invaginatus: literature review.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;3(2):48-55.

Dens invaginatus is a developmental malformation of the tooth germ which originates as a result of the infolding of the enamel organ. It has been expressed as a ‘tooth within a tooth’ or ‘dens in dent’ or as an invagination of an enamel-lined tract extending into the root at a various depth, with or without involvement of the dental pulp. Search engines as Pak-Medinet, Pub Med, Medline and Google scholar were used to search literature about this abnormality. Dens invaginatus has complicated root canal morphology and the etiology of this developmental abnormality is still ambiguous. Possible causes include trauma, infection, development retardation of specific cells, interruption in factors regulating the development of enamel organ, and associations to genetic factors. Clinical features, radiological findings (periapical, occlusal radiograph, 3-dimensional imaging system CBCT) and surgical operating microscope help the clinician in classifying the morphology of the dens so that correct treatment planning and management alternative can be chosen. The treatments choices consist of; preventive sealing, restoration of the invagination, endodontic management, apical curettage and surgical endodontic, planned replantation and removal of tooth.

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