Shoaib S, Hafiz A, Tauheed S.
Role of Trichrome Staining Techniques in the diagnosis of Intestinal Parasitic Infections.
J Pak Med Assoc Jan ;52(4):152-4.

Objecdve: To compare the diagnostic yield of saline and iodine preparation with trichrome staining of fresh sample of stool for diagnosis of parasitic infection. Method: Stools were examined in saline and iodine preparation and trichrome stained smears prepared according to the method recommended by WHO in oil immersion. Results: Out of 400 specimens 215 were positive for parasitic infection and of these 81 were diagnosed exclusively on trichrome stained samples. Conclusion: Because of its better diagnostic field trichrome staining technique should be included in the routine stool examination (JPMA 52:152;2002).

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