Maryam Shan, Shazia Imran, Iram Iqbal.
Effect of Nicotine and Camellia Sinensis on the Length of Chick.
J Islamic Int Med Coll Jan ;10(2):159-62.

Objective: To study the oxidative stress of nicotine on the growth of chick, and to observe the role of antioxidant such as camellia sinensis in reducing the harmful effects of nicotine. Study Design: Randomized controlled trial. Place and Duration of Study: The study was conducted at Army medical college in Anatomy department from 2nd November 2011 to 2nd November 2012 in collaboration with poultry research institute Rawalpindi (PRI). Materials and Methods: Fertilized eggs of Fayoumi species were selected at zero hour of incubation. Four groups were made, each group comprising of ten eggs. Control group (G1) was given normal saline, experimental group (G2) was given green tea extract, experimental group (G3) was given 0.0001% nicotine solution, and experimental group (G4) was given both 0.0001% nicotine solution and green tea extract. First exposure was at 48 hours of incubation and second at 48 hours of hatching. Chick length was measured after one month of hatching, with the help of inch tape from vertex till the third toe tip. Results: It was observed that nicotine treated group such as (G3) and (G4) were weak as compared to the (G1), the length of chick which was measured at one month of age was less in comparison to (G2) and (G1). In case of (G4), having administration of both the solution that is nicotine and green tea extract, showed better growth in comparison to nicotine treated group (G3), but its growth was less in comparison with control group (G1) and experimental group (G2). Conclusion: Green tea extract helps to undo the toxic effects of nicotine but cannot overcome the reverse effect of nicotine toxicity.

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