Rana Hassan Javed, Nauman Anwar Rana, Asma Afzal Kiani, Ahmed Waqas.
Comparison of simultaneous and sequential repair of bilateral inguinal.
Pak Armed Forces Med J Jan ;59(4):279-80.

Objective: Comparison of morbidity and short term complications of simultaneous bilateral inguinal hernia repair with sequential repair of bilateral inguinal hernia. Study Design: Quasi-experimental study. Place and Duration of Study: Surgical department of CMH Rawalpindi from 19-8-2005 to 11-6-2006. Patients and Methods: In the study 50 patients underwent inguinal hernia repair, 25 underwent simultaneous bilateral repair (Group I) while the other 25 patients underwent sequential repairs with a variable time duration in between (Group II). Results were recorded on a pre designed proforma. Results: The number of days spent in the hospital by patients in group I was significantly less (4.8 days) than patients in group II (9.6 days). The need for narcotic analgesics was also significantly increased in group II patients (19 as compared to 8). The post operative complications were comparable in both the groups (6 in group I and 9 in group II). Conclusion: A tension free technique allows bilateral inguinal hernias to be repaired during one operation with similar outcomes as unilateral tension free repair and less hospital stay than sequential repair

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