Nargis Iqbal, Attia Ehsan, Iqbal Ahmad Azhar, Shaista Rahim, Tayyab M.
A study of association of obesity with maternal complications.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;19(3):237-42.

OBJECTIVE: To determine the association of obesity with maternal complications . METHODOLOGY: A prospective cohort study was conducted at Gynae Unit lll Jinnah Hospital Lahore, from 21st May 2011 to 20th Nov.2011 All women fulfilling the inclusion were included in this study .Two groups were made, Group l was allotted to obese pregnant women and Group ll was allotted to non-obese pregnant women. Demographic data included age, parity, duration of pregnancy and maternal complications i-e urinary tract infection , instrumental vaginal delivery and post-partum haemorrhage were recorded and analyzed by SPSS -version 13. RESULTS: The results of this study revealed that demographics like age parity and duration of pregnancy were almost similar in both groups , common age was 25.21 ± 2.73 in group-A and 26.34 ± 3.56 years in group -B . Comparison of maternal complications revealed that 22.23 % in group-A and 10.70% in group -B had urinary tract infection, relative risk was 2.087, instrumental delivery in group -A was 14.42% and in group-B was 4.19% relative risk was 3.44 while post-partum haemorrhage was 9.77% in group -A and 3.26% in group -B , relative risk was 3.00. CONCLUSIONS : The frequency of maternal complications is higher among obese pregnant women so it is recommended that every pregnant woman who presents with increased BMI should be sort out for maternal complications.

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