Subnis B M, Siddharth P Dubhashi, Harsh Kumar, Sandeep R Nath.
Carcinoma prostate presenting as cervical lymphadenopathy.
Pak J Surg Jan ;28(2):154-6.

Th is report describes a case of prostate cancer presenting with cervical lymphadenopathy. Th e lymph node cytology reported moderately diff erentiated adenocarcinoma and immunohistochemistry of the biopsy specimen with PSA staining demonstrated the malignancy to be of prostatic origin. Non-regional nodal involvement as the fi rst manifestation of prostate cancer is extremely rare. Prostate malignancy should always be considered in the diff erential diagnosis of elderly men with cervical lymphadenopathy, even in the absence of lower urinary tract symptoms. Hormonal treatment can prove to be eff ective even in advanced stage of the disease.

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