Nadia Khalid, Azmatullah Khan Hamza Ali Muhammad Ali Shah Sardar Zunair Ethasham Mehmood Nayab Rabail Sardar Zia Chunki Kumar Shabir Ahmed.
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding Pulmonary Tuberculosis Awareness Among Non-Medical Students of Karachi.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;5(1):37-40.

ABSTRACT: Objective: To evaluate the level of awareness among non -medical students about Tuberculosis. Materials and Methods: A questionnaire-based, knowledge, attitude, practice (KAP) survey was conducted among non- medical students of two universities of Karachi from 6th April-30th May 2013. A pre-validated questionnaire, consisting of 10 questions, was distributed to students. Simple random sampling technique was used for selecting the participants. After verbal consent, 110 students participated in the study. Ten questionnaire forms were rejected due to incomplete filling. Results: Out of 100 students, 85% responded “yes” that they had heard about TB, 24% identified cough as a main symptom of TB, 36% responded “yes” that disease is contagious. Asking about mode of transmission, 40% responded “they don’t know” and 36% stated sexual contact is the reason.90% agreed that patients hide their disease because people will avoid them.39% said that they will not visit there houses.47% said that patients should go to chest specialist for treatment. 42% said vaccination is the better way of preventing the disease. Only14% knew that 9 months is the duration of treatment. Conclusion: Assessment of awareness regarding knowledge, attitude and practice of TB among non- medical students was found to be deficient. Keywords: Awareness Tuberculosis Non- medical Students Universities

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