Muhammad Paryal Tagar, Muhammad Jawed, Sarang Tagar, Taimoor Jan.
Occurrences of wound infection in laparoscopic versus open cholecystectomy — a comparative study.
Gomal J Med Sci Jan ;13(4):235-8.

Background: This pieces of work was an experimental study with the aim to compare the occurrences of wound infection in laparoscopic as well as in open cholecystectomy. Material & Methods: In this study 200 patients were taken who had undergone elective cholecystectomy for symptomatic gallstones. These 200 patients were divided in the two groups each of 100 patients by simple random technique. The first group of 100 patients was operated by OC while the second group of 100 patients by LC. The patients were then followed up for four to five weeks in order to pick up signs of wound infection. During the observation period of these weeks, infection cases, the degree of infection and the remedial measures were done and documented while the results were analyzed by using the percentage statistics. Results: In first group which was operated through OC had four cases of wound infection which is 4% of the total 100 patients and out of these, two were of class-II and two of class-III wound infection respectively while there were only two cases of Class- II wound infection in case of patients operated through LC which is 2% of the total 100 patients in this group. Conclusion: In both LC and OC groups there was no wound infection in cases of chronic cholecystitis, the frequency of occurrence of wound infection was three times as common in OC as compared to LC in acute cholecystitis / empyema.

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