Abdul Ghafoor, Mohammad Sajjad, Mohammad Akram, Zard Ali Khan.
Histopathological pattern of enlarged thyroid gland.
Gomal J Med Sci Jan ;13(4):207-10.

Background: Enlarged thyroid is one of the commonest clinical problems usually denoted as goiter. The objective of this study is to see the histopathological pattern of enlarged thyroid lesion in patients undergoing thyroid surgery. Material & Methods: This descriptive study conducted in Bannu Medical College, Pakistan from January, 2013 to December, 2014. A total of 105 thyroid biopsies were included in this study. The inclusion criteria were all thyroid biopsies of any age and sex while exclusion criteria was autolysed and insufficient thyroid biopsies. All biopsies specimen were fixed in formalin and processed for block and slides preparation, reported by histopathologist and data entered in a designed proforma. Results: A total of 105 thyroid biopsies were examined. Amongst these 87(82.85%) cases were non neoplastic and 18(17.14%) cases were neoplastic. The age range was from 20-75 years, male patients were 45 in number and females were 60 in number, male female ratio was 1:1.3. In non-neoplastic lesion age range was 20-48 years where is in neoplastic lesion age range was 40-75 years. Adenomatous goiter was the commonest non neoplastic lesion, follicular adenoma was the commonest benign neoplastic lesion where is papillary carcinoma was the commonest malignant lesion. Conclusion: This study shows that non neoplastic lesions are more common in thyroid biopsy specimens as compared to neoplastic ones. Adenomatous goiter is the commonest among these. Among the neoplastic lesions follicular adenoma was the commonest benign and papillary carcinoma the commonest malignant lesion.

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