Heng Zhang, Jia-ming Xie, Jian-qing Miao, Hao-rong Wu.
Hybrid Approaches for Complex Parastomal Hernia Repair.
J Coll Physicians Surg Pak Jan ;26(1):72-3.

Parastomal hernia is one of the major complications of colostomy with high occurrence. From October 2011 to November 2014, a retrospective study was conducted by analyzing and following up data of 16 patients suffering from parastomal hernia who underwent a hybrid technique repair. The safety and efficacy of the hybrid technique for parastomal hernia repair was investigated in terms of complications. All cases were operated successfully and had no major immediate postoperative complications other than mild abdominal pain in 5 cases. No long-term postoperative complications were reported in the follow-up. The authors found hybrid technique to be safe and effective for parastomal hernia repair with fewer complications.

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