Kashif Hafeez, Aiyesha Wahaj, Muhammad Sohail Zafar.
Evolving medical and dental education system in Pakistan.
Pak Armed Forces Med J Jan ;65(4):564-7.

Medical science is the backbone for treatment and the foundation for understanding human diseases. Standardization and organization of medical and dental education is required to accomplish goals towards achieving excellence in professional practice. The aim of this publication is to explore the current status of educational system in medicine and dentistry in Pakistan and possible channels for improvement. Medical and dental educational system for undergraduate as well as postgraduate level must comprise of continuing professional developmental sessions both for students and teachers. There is also a concomitant need of well discerned educational system which helps to manage trainee’s induction, their curriculum assessment, and examination process. In addition, activities such as keeping the entire medical and dental education system under continuous circle of evaluation in the form of feedback and effective communication are essential at periodic academic stages. An interactive session at multiple levels and its valid quantified evaluation is constantly required to assess the progress of ongoing educational system. A well oriented process of decision making involving syllabus, professional annual examinations, re-certification examinations and licensure requirements must be comprehensively established.

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