Mahmood Ahmad, Iftikhar Mahmood, Ruqaiya Hasan, Aisha Javaid, Tazeen Naim, Habib Fatima, Mansoor Ahmed.
In vitro effects of ACTH on Pigeon Crop-Sac Epithelium.
Pak J Pharm Sci Jan ;14(1):19-23.

ACTH in vitro produces non-specific crop-sac epithelium response. Crop-sac maintained in 10 IU.ACTH in isologous serum at 37oC for 6 hrs. showed an increase of 105 ± 0.95 mg for 12 hrs. 115 ± 1.13mg, for 18 hr. 125 ± 0.95 mg. and for 24 hrs. 145 ± 2.31 mg. The results were analyzed statistically by ANOVA technique. A significant rise in mean weight. In ACTH treated crop-sac, indicates a time related relationship (P<0.01, ANOVA, Table 2). Thus present data indicates that there is a correlation between the epithelial response and initiation of ACTH present in the serum.

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