R F Khan, Y Imtiaz, H Ali, M U Khan, M Ali, N Riaz, A Sajjad, J Majid, S Ahmad.
Natural History & Relative Distribution of Different Valvular Heart Diseases in Mayo Hospital, Lahore.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;8(2):90-1.

Clinically the common causes of valvular heart lesions are congenital, rheumatic fever and calcification. There are conflicting reports regarding their prevalence. So to study the prevalence and to see the age and sex-wise distribution of various cardiac valvular abnormalities a study was designed at Mayo Hospital, Lahore. It was observed that the most common problem was mitral valvular lesion presenting with palpitations and the age group most affected was 21-40 years with female preponderance. It was suggested that the young population (21-40 years) should get a regular cardiac check up.

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