Hasan Ali Alrimthi, Khalid Walsahly, Ayed Hasan Alshahrani, Hmoud Salem Alharthi.
Diabetic patients and oral health in Bisha region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Pak J Surg Jan ;31(3):213-5.

Background and objectives: Diabetes mellitus is a major health problem evolving in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . In a study conducted in 2004 as national survey revealed that the over all prevalence of diabetes mellitus amongst adults (30 – 70 years) in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is 23.7%. Th e aim and objective of this study is to assess the oral health behavior in general for all diagnosed diabetic patients who att ended the Diabetes Mellitus campaign. Design: Descriptive cross-sectional study. Sett ing and duration: Bisha Dental Center, Bisha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 1st Oct. 2014 till 31st Oct. 2014. Material and methods: All the diagnosed diabetic patients (type 1, and type 2) att ending dental clinic during the 30 days campaign where interviewed with a simple questionnaire. Result: Th e result showed that more than 45.12% of diabetic patients are not brushing their teeth/or brushing once daily only and (12%) 30 patients extracted one tooth or more aft er having the disease which is expected due to the eff ect of Diabetes Mellitus on their oral health. Conclusion: Th ere is need for further studies to evaluate the awareness and att itude of diabetic patients and to establish baseline information about the situation of diabetic patients in Bisha region will be of a great value to organize an oral health programs for the diabetic patients.

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