Shafaq Sultana.
Workplace Based Assessment: A Step Towards Competency Based Training.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;6(1):55-7.

ABSTRACT: Assessment of clinical performance is important but challenging and the key features of good assessment include clarity of purpose, formative feedback, transparency, credibility, cost efficiency, use of multiple methods and ongoing quality assurance. In traditional educational paradigm assessment is based on integrating teaching,learning and assessment however complex professional attributes are difficult to assess using standardized assessment methods but can be better assessed in workplace situation. It has been observed that trainees are seldom observed, assessed and given feedback at workplace. Workplace based assessment as a part of an assessment strategy provides an opportunity to incorporate feedback and facilitate integration. It assesses the performance in everyday clinical practice in healthcare setting and tracks the progress in integrating clinical knowledge and skills for clinical decision making.Faculty training is an absolute radical to valid work based assessment and should include feedback training sessions as well as specifics of individual assessment instrument. Keywords: Workplace, Based Assessment, Competency, Training

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