Leena Aziz, Muhammad Ayub, Khalid Butt.
Prevalence of hypertension among patients undergoing surgical procedures in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore.
J Cardiovascular Dis Jan ;12(1):1-4.

Hypertension is a frequent preoperative abnormality found in patients undergoing general surgery and may be associated with cardiovascular adverse events in the perioperative period. OBJECTIVES: To find out prevalence and severity of hypertension preoperatively among patients presenting for general surgery. PATIENTS AND METHODS: All patients undergoing general surgery at Sir Ganga Ram hospital Lahore were included in the study. History of preexisting hypertension was sought from all patients. All adult male and female patients with age between 20-100 were included in the study. Two blood pressure measurements were taken from all patients at rest, the first reading in the ward and the second one in the operating room. The patients were categorized according to AHA criteria for blood pressure. RESULTS: The study comprised 638 patients (245 males and 393 females). Ninety-Four patients (25 males, 69 females) were found to be hypertensive (15%). 36 had stage-1, 44 had stage-2 and 14 had severe hypertension. 75 hypertensive patients were already known cases, while 19 patients were discovered to be hypertensive during the study. CONCLUSIONS: Overall frequency of hypertension among adult patients undergoing surgery at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore is 15 percent. Stage-2 hypertension was most commonly observed in this group of patients.

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