Hina Khan, Aamir Asrar, Bisma Ikram, Maha Asrar.
Comparison of Image Quality between Swept Source and Spectral Domain OCT in Media Opacification.
Pak J Ophthalmol Jan ;32(3):128-33.

Purpose: The study aimed to compare the image quality of SD OCT and SS OCT in the setting of media opacification i.e. cataract. Study Design: Prospective cross sectional study. Place and Duration: Amanat eye hospital from 1st October 2015 till 31st December 2015. Material and Methods: Prospective cross sectional study was carried out on 366 eyes of 241 subjects. All subjects were scanned with both SS – OCT and SD – OCT with dilated pupils and scans were evaluated by two ophthalmologists. Chi square/ fisher exact test was applied to assess the results. Results: In the sample of 366 eyes, there were 174 eyes with grade 1; 96 with grade 2; 72 with grade 3; and 24 with grade 4 cataract media opacification. The images obtained from media opacification grade 1 and 4 were almost constant and statistically non significant. The results of images obtained with grade 2 media opacification was significant with p = 0.001. Similarly, the results obtained from grade 3 media opacification were highly significant with p < 0.001. Conclusion: The image quality of SS OCT and SD OCT performs better in moderate media opacification. Both machines performed equally and efficiently in mild media opacification whereas failed to provide clinically useful scans for dense media opacification.

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