Nefise Bahcecik, Havva Ozturk, Hanife Tiryaki.
Protection of nurses rights in Turkey: A study on nurses` opinions.
J Pak Med Assoc Jan ;66(9):1111-5.

Objective: To evaluate nurses' opinions on the violation and protection of their rights at public hospitals. Methods: The descriptive study was conducted between May and November 2013 at 11 hospitals affiliated with the Association of Public Hospitals in Istanbul, Turkey. Data was gathered using a questionnaire consisting of 59 questions on demographic characteristics, professions, and rights of nurses. Results: Of the 1,808 respondents, 1,374(76%) said nurse's rights were not protected and 994(55%) believed that their rights were not protected at public hospitals. However, 1,027(56.8%) of the nurses stated that their right to job security was protected, while 1,448(80.1%) reported violation of their right to adequate pay and 1,289(71.3%) reported violation or non-recognition of the right to participate in the political decision-making processes that directly affect the nursing profession. Those who were middle-aged and those who had bachelor's degree believed their rights were not protected, and considered nursing as a weak profession that was unable to protect its rights (p<0.001). Conclusion: Nurses believed their rights, especially those about salary, were not sufficiently protected.

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