Ahmet Cagkan Inkaya, Salih Macin, Gokhan Bozkurt, Rahsan Gocmen, Yakut Akyon, Serhat Unal.
Aggregatibacter aphrophilus misidentified as Brucella spp. in an immunocompetent patient with brain abscess.
J Pak Med Assoc Jan ;66(8):1032-4.

Aggregatibacter aphrophilus rarely causes brain abscesses. Here we report a case of the brain abscess caused by Aggregatibacter aphrophilus. Cultivated gram negative coccobacilli from cerebral abscess were initially misidentified as Brucella spp. because it gave false positive agglutination with anti-Brucella sera. Definite identification was made with MALDI-TOF assay. Right to left shunt through the pulmonary arteriovenous malformation was speculated to be the underlying cause for the brain abscess. The patient was treated successfully with ampicillin-sulbactam after failing ceftriaxone treatment.

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