Fernando Bula, Mobeen H Rathore.
Is the Birth PCR Still Necessary for HIV Exposed Newborns?.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;22(4):333-4.

In 2009 the Unites States Public Health Service (US-PHS) changed its recommendations for diagnostic test-ing of HIV exposed infants. However, barriers for compliance to testing remain. We evaluated the com-pliance with the 2009 USPHS recommendation at our center. A total of 244 HIV exposed infants were iden-tified from 2009 to 2012. HIV DNA PCR was done in less than 48 hours of life in 216 (90.7%) infants, bet-ween 14-21 days in 143 (60.1%). We believe it rem-ains important to perform HIV testing at birth espe-cially when testing at 14 to 21 days of life cannot be assured.

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