Quratul Ain Tahira, Sidrah Lodhi, Sajid Abaidullah.
Learners` Perspective on the Situation of Bed Side Teaching on the Medical Floor in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;22(4):264-9.

Objective: Decline in bedside teaching is one of the problems that medical education is facing today. It has always been the best modality for effectively impart-ing clinical skills. It has declined from 75% in 1960s to 8 – 19% today. Various factors notably advancing medical technology are in essence phasing out bedside teaching. Our study was aimed to assess frequency and adequacy of bedside teaching on the medical floor. Methods: This cross sectional study conducted in May 2015 in Mayo Hospital, Lahore included 152 trainee doctors, who gave feedback about various asp-ects of bedside teaching via a self-administered que-stionnaire. Frequency of bedside teaching was asse-ssed in terms of number of sessions per week. It was considered adequate if its various aspects including contributions by teachers, learners, allied health pro-fessionals and patients were carried out in 70% or more sessions. Z-test was used to compare these aspe-cts to the adequacy criterion. Responses of house offi-cers and postgraduates and male and female doctors were compared by t-test. P-value < 0.05 was conside-red significant. Results: Frequency of bedside teaching was reported to be 62.25%. All aspects of bedside teaching were significantly lower than the adequacy criterion (p-value 0.000). The inadequacy was more noticeable by postgraduates (p-value < 0.05). Conclusion: Frequency of bedside teaching was acce-ptable but the adequacy criterion was not achieved in any of the areas studied.

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