Humaira Zareen, Maujid Masood Malik, Muhammad Aslam Qamar.
Pakistani women’s dietary and behavioural practices in postpartum period.
Pak J Physiol Jan ;12(2):15-8.

Objective: To explore women’s dietary and behavioural practices in postpartum period. Methods: This was a cross sectional study conducted in Department of Gynaecology & Obstetrics FFH Rawalpindi. Five hundred women in their puerperal period coming to FFH responded to the questionnaire and the data were collected. Results: Eighty percent of population had some kind of dietary restrictions during this period and majority (73%) had restriction of cooling diet. Eighty four percent of women were advised to take special diet named ‘Punjeeri’ during purpureum. In behavioural taboos, 72% of women were confined to their houses, 69% were advised to use extra clothing to cover body and overheating of room to avoid cold air currents. Regarding breast-feeding, most of them started this immediately (67%). Majority of them got information and instructions about puerperal practices from their elderly family member (75%). Conclusion: Traditional postpartum behaviours are still very popular in rural area. These are transmitted generation after generation by means of beliefs, customs and taboos.

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