Majid Khan, Iqbal Haider, Mohammad Humayun, Abidullah Khan.
Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) As A Tool Of Conducting Examination.
J Med Sci Jan ;24(4):273-4.

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) concept was given by R.M Harden initially and it is a superior tool of examination to conventional system in terms of reliability and validity. It is now implemented in many medical schools across the world and has become the examination of choice. It consists of timed stations on which different clinical skills of a candidate is evaluated. OSCE consists of static, interactive and rest stations, their number depend on the strength of the examinees. On static station, various academic material as mentioned in syllabus is displayed which includes Chest X-rays, CT scans, data interpretation, spot diagnosis, clinical scenarios, instruments identification etc and it does not need any examiner. Interactive stations can have either real or simulated patient and examiners are provided with an answer key checklist or global rating scale for marking. It is a very demanding way of examination in terms of time, energy and expenses. Despite limitations, it is a worthy, fairer and unbiased examination system.

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