Tariq Saeed Akhunzada, Maryam Alam Khan, Mujeeb-ur Rehman, Rooh-ul Muqim, Muhammad Zarin.
Outcome Of Limberg's Procedure For Pilonidal Disease.
J Med Sci Jan ;23(4):224-7.

Objectives: To study the outcome of Limberg’s Rhomboid Flap Procedure for Pilonidal Sinus Disease (PND) in terms of Per operative and Post-operative variables. Material and Methods: This Prospective study was conducted in Surgical A ward, Khyber Teaching Hospital Peshawar from June 2014 to June 2015. Twenty-three patients of both gender with primary or recurrent PND were using simple random sampling technique. Results: Age range was 18-47 years (mean 31.07±7.7SD), 95.7% patients were male and 4.3% were female. Twenty-one had primary disease while 2 had recurrence after other surgical procedure for PND. Mean operating time was 70 minutes, mean length of hospital stay was 3.30 days. The mean return to work in weeks was 3.5±1.02 SD. Only one patient had a minor recurrence and one had superficial wound infection. Conclusion: Quicker healing time, short hospital stay, early return to daily life, low complication and recurrence rate are the important advantages of the Limberg’s flap procedure.

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