Abdus Samad Khan, Syed Dil Bagh Ali Shah, Umar Hayat, Hanif Ullah Khan, Oaib Khan M Shoaib, Zia Ullah, Zahid Askar.
Outcome Of Open Reduction And Internal Fixation Of Fractures Lateral Condyle Of Humerus.
J Med Sci Jan ;23(4):217-9.

Objectives: To know the outcome of fracture lateral condyle of humerus in children treated by open reducation and K-wire fixation. Material and Methods: It was a prospective study was conducted in the orthopedic unit at Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar from March 2006 to January 2007. A total 30 patients were included who presented with isolated injuries of Lateral Condyle of Humerus, patients with open reduction, multiple fractures, and floating elbow were excluded. Results: We had study of 30 patients admitted in our unit with the fracture of lateral condyle of humerus, type I, type II (i.e. displaced) and type III (displaced + rotated). There was no associated injury like dislocation of elbow, fracture of olecranon or radial head or of humerus. Two patients disappeared from follow up. 28 patients were followed upto 4 months post operatively. Elbow stiffness was seen in 12 (40%) patients and managed easily with physiotherapy. Conclusion: Every patient with fracture lateral condyle of humerus in children should be follow- up for risk of open reduction and K-wire fixation as part of the standard procedure for hospital attendance.

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