Muhammad Saquib Qureshi, Farya Zafar, Huma Ali, Kamran Hameed, Neelam Mallick, Sohail Khan, Saba Ajaz Baloch.
Superdisintegrant on disintegrant and dissolution; a review on influence.
Professional Med J Jan ;23(10):1167-70.

In tablet formulation superdisintegrants are added to accelerate the rate of tablet deaggregation and thus enhancing the rate of tablet dissolution. In this review article we gather the information related to the superdisintegrants, their mechanism of actions and their impact on disintegration and dissolution processes. The easiest way to achieve quick release is to use a superdisintegrants with appropriate concentrations of excipients. Different superdisintegrants are usually added to facilitate the tablet disintegration, thus increasing the rate of tablet dissolution.

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