Mona Kanwal, Pulwasha Maria Iftikhar.
Role Of Magnesium Sulphate Is An Effective Therapy For The Treatment And Prophylaxis Of Seizures In Pre Eclampsia And Eclampsia.
Isra Med J May ;8(1):7-10.

OBJECTIVE: To determine the role of magnesium sulfate, a drug that is used for the prevention of eclampsia. STUDY DESIGN: A cross sectional retrospective study. st PLACE AND DURATION: Department of Gynae and Obstetrics, Cantonment General Hospital Rawalpindi, Pakistan, from 1 June 2012 st to 31 May 2013. METHODOLOGY: In this study we assessed the practical implication of MgSo4 and its role in pre eclampsia and eclampsia. Out of 30 patients 70% n= 21 were booked and 30% n = 9 were un booked. In eclampsia given starting dose of 4gm intravenously, that was then repeated by 2gm per hour infusion. However we used Intramuscular injection in which initial dose of 5gm (10ml as a 50% solution) of magnesium sulphate with 1ml of 2% xylocain deep in upper outer quadrant of each buttock (10gm MgSo4) followed by 5gm of Magnesium sulphate was given as a single injection every 4 hour to maintain magnesium level .This route was used because of its easibility to administer. Magnesium sulphate was administered for 24 hour after delivery and after last postpartum seizures. RESULTS: Magnesium sulphate was found successful in 20 patients (63.6%) in which no eclamptic fit occurred after first dose, in 9 patients (33.3%) second fit occurred after initial dose. In 1 patients (3%) fits recurred and they needed ventilator support and MGSO4 was stopped. CONCLUSION: Our management of eclampsia aimed to stop convulsion and prevent recurrence, control of blood pressure and deliver the patient promptly.

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