Kamal Nain Rattan, Deepak Kumar Garg.
Report of Primary Renal Hydatid Cyst in a Child.
Ann Pak Inst Med Sci Jan ;12(3):175-8.

We are presenting a case of primary renal hydatid cyst in a 9-year-old girl child who was presented with right abdominal lump and dull aching pain and diagnosed on ultrasound and CECT(contrast enhanced computed tomography) as right renal cystic mass. Intraoperatively proved to be a case of primary right upper polar solitary renal hydatid cyst and which was managed successfully with nephron-sparing protocol. Even though hydatid cyst is endemic in our country but the location of hydatid cyst in kidney without the involvement of other viscera’s is rare and often reported as case reports with different echelons of clinical presentation from asymptomatic to obstructive uropathy to septicemia. These clinical symptoms are non-specific, and the only interesting and diagnostic symptom is hydatiduria but this is present in less than 25% of the patients. So the need of its awareness in general for keeping it, as a differential diagnosis and for proper management protocols to prevent mismanagement.

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