Hina Noor.
Development and Validation of Model of Aural Rehabilitation of Profound Hearing Impaired Children in Punjab.
Isra Med J Jan ;9(3):185-91.

OBJECTIVE: To develop a proposed model of aural rehabilitation for hearing impaired children after incorporating the recommendations of the stakeholders involved and to validate the proposed model. STUDY DESIGN: The study is a mixed method research with concurrent nested design. th th Place and Duration: The study was conducted in the province of Punjab and Islamabad from June 15 2014 to June 15 2015. METHODOLOGY: Five questionnaires were developed, for the teachers, parents, principals, speech language therapists and audiologists selected through cluster sampling, in order to document the problems faced by them and to obtain their recommendations. Already developed international models of aural rehabilitation were evaluated against the five basic components of model i.e. resources, input, output, outcomes and impact. A framework of the model was developed by incorporating the prominent features of the international models and the recommendations of the stakeholders. The proposed model was validated through the experts' opinion obtained via a 10 item questionnaire. RESULTS: All recommendations of the audiologists, speech therapists, parents of the deaf children, their teachers and principals, having the frequency of five or more were incorporated into the conceptual framework of the model. The common features of the already developed models were included in the framework of the model against the five major themes of resources required, inputs, outputs, outcomes and impact of the model. All recommendations of the experts in the field of medical and educational rehabilitation of hearing impaired children were incorporated into the model. All experts commented positively about the structural composition and applicability of the proposed model. CONCLUSION: The proposed model can serve as a planning and monitoring tool of aural rehabilitation.

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