Muhammad Arif, Haroon T S.
Occupational Contact Dermatitis in Lahore, Pakistan.
J Pak Assoc Derma Jan ;11(1):20-6.

Occupational Contact Dermatitis (OCD) is a very common occupational skin disease world wide, but no epidemiological study has emanated from Pakistan on the subject, so far. The aim of present study was to find out common sensitizers and irritants in our occupational environment, to establish the clinical pattern and types of OCD in our community. Patients And Methods: One hundred consecutive patients (97 males & 3 females), aged between 13 and 65 years with suspected occupational contact dermatitis were patch tested with the European Standard Series and with samples of material brought from the workplace, during 1997-1998. Results: Patch test reactions showed allergic contact dermatitis in 50%, irritant contact dermatitis in 49% and occupational contact urticaria in 1 % cases. Most common sensitizers were potassium dichromate 60% cobalt chloride 20%, nickel sulphate 14% and colophony 14%. Common irritants were water, detergents and solvents. Only twenty four per cent patients were using preventive methods. Conclusion: Occupational contact dermatitis was more common among males than females. Incidence rates of allergic and irritant contact dermatitis were almost equal. Common sensitizers were potassium dichromate, cobalt chloride, nickel sulphate and colophony. Common irritants were water detergents and solvents. Many of the workers were not using any protective methods.

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